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Is more data always a good thing? Data can be expensive, slow, and cumbersome to collect. Storing and organising data is expensive. Yet many times, organisations looking for a data edge will consider still more widgets, gadgets, and doodads to collect more data. Although data is a strategic asset, the value of data lies in how you use it.

Data is only as good as the actions you take from it. To obtain results from data science, you need to embed the data into the core decision-making processes of the organisation. If you know the information you are looking for, you can quickly obtain answers and act based on the data – giving your organisation the edge it is looking for.

An effective analytics strategy starts with a clearly defined organisational goal. Without clear organisational goals and a culture of support for analytics, the data science or AI program of your organisation may fail to meet expectations. Most important are the people behind the keyboards – the humans that support, drive, and transform the organisation using data.