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Dr. Jegar Pitchforth

Data Scientist

Dr. Jegar Pitchforth is a Data Scientist, combining complex digital sources and analysing them using statistical modelling to provide actionable business insights.

He has extensive experience in applying Data Science methods within the Biology, Tech, Real Estate, and PropTech industry, publishing the first Randomised Controlled Trial of office designs in peer-reviewed research while working at Booking.com, in addition to work on Democratising Experimentation in large companies.

Now Jegar brings that experience to developing products that apply statistics to a range of markets to help businesses in all industries get the most out of their data.

Dr. Jac Davis

Behavioural Data Scientist

Dr. Jac Davis is a behavioural Data Scientist studying how humans interact with their environment.

Jac has developed a set of scientific and statistical methods that she has used to study human behaviour in a wide range of environments: the Peruvian Amazon jungle, remote islands in the South Pacific, farms in Kenya and Tanzania, and cities in South Africa and Uganda. She has over 30 scientific articles published in 3 different academic fields, and her methods were the foundation of her PhD from the University of Cambridge funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Now Jac brings her scientific and statistical methods to the study of how humans interact with commercial environments, seeing the market as another type of complex ecological system.