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Food and agricultural systems generate huge volumes of data, especially with new digital technologies. The impact of this data is realised when it is linked directly to the business. Advanced analytics can cut through the noise and find the insights from complex data.

Mirror Analytics went above and beyond to help us understand a complex challenge for a large livestock producer. Not only did they solve the problem and deliver excellent insight, but they were a pleasure to work with.

Grant GilmourPrincipal, Beanstalk AgTech

How it Works

Start with impact.

We start by defining the business impact of the data, and how analytics might deliver extra value. You can come to us with a predefined analytics question, or we can work with you to develop a set of questions that suit your needs. We focus on back-end analytical solutions for agricultural technologies generating lots of data, but we can tailor our service to match your business size or data assets.

Hook analytics into your data stream.

Digital technologies can generate large volumes of high-quality agricultural data for specific components of the business. Send us a sample of your data, or give us access to a data stream, and we will assess what’s needed to make your vision happen. We use our experience in data science and analytics to combine, enrich, and link different data sources to create analytical solutions that show the whole picture.

Cutting-edge analytics.

We apply the latest analytical solutions to your data and give you a result, along with concrete recommendations for the business. Agile sprints deliver results quickly and keep you in the development loop.

Ongoing collaboration and learning.

We work with you to identify opportunities for ongoing learning. We can help with implementing a back-end analytical solution for your business, or designing a longer-term set of experiments to transform your organisation using data.

Where to Start

Align data with your larger goals.

Identify where data can help you the most.
Focus on the metrics that matter.
Personalise your analytics for maximum impact.
Align data science with business vision.

1. Define the organisational vision and where data could be integrated to best effect.

2. Prioritise existing and new business processes that could be optimised with current and new data.

3. Translate between analytics and business impact.

4. Ensure that data science outcomes will be integrated into core business strategy.

Enrich your data with analytics.

Demonstrate how data collection tools contribute to farm success.
Assess business opportunities available with new data tools.
Combine, enrich, and link data sources.
Identify how data can be interpreted for maximum impact.

1. Take a data inventory and assess the potential for a structured data asset.

2. Establish the business value of the most critical data and algorithms.

3. Assess the optimal data science workflow and provide approximate costs, timeline, and technical requirements.

Use data to identify opportunities for success.

Identify opportunities for data to transform food and agriculture.
Be at the forefront of the digital revolution.
Communicate clearly between data specialists and business experts.
Get specialist options for your analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will your services take?

We offer a bespoke consulting service tailored to food and agriculture technology. We work on two-week agile sprints, where you decide the scope of the project as we deliver results.

Do we need to meet in person?

That all depends on your preference – our process is developed for remote settings and we work over video/phone chat, remote data access, and digital tools. We are physically located in Brisbane, Australia, and of course we can discuss a site visit if required and within the scope of the project.

What about data privacy - who owns the data?

We are bound to the highest level of scientific integrity through our scientific qualifications, membership of professional associations, and experience in rigorous data protection environments (GDPR). You own and control your data.

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